Melvin D. Androus 1925-2004



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Project Leader and Principal UC Investigators

Glenn Nader, livestock farm advisor, UC Cooperative Extension Butte/Sutter/Yuba Counties


We sadly acknowledge the passing earlier this spring of Melvin D. Androus, one of the California rice industry's chief advocates and most accomplished leaders. Mel was involved with the creation of the Rice Research Board in 1969. The Board funds all the projects contained in this report. He served as manager of the California Rice Research Board from 1969 - 1997 and was awarded the California Rice Industry Award in 1990. He was instrumental in establishing an endowed faculty position at UC Davis - the "Melvin D. Androus Professorship for Rice Weed Control." He was the recipient of many other awards and honors throughout his career in the California rice industry. Mel was a true leader and many of his accomplishments live on and continue to benefit California Rice today. He will be sorely missed.

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