Rice Research Personnel-69



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University of California

(* - Graduate Student)

Department of Agronomy and Range Science
M.L. Peterson
W.F. Lehman
R.W. Breidenbach
W.A. Williams
D.S. Mikkelsen
D.E. Seaman
P.P. Osterli
K. Taggard*
D. Ris Lambers*
H. Nazarian*
G.P. Offerman*
J. Brochier*
M. Mack*
A. Obermueller*

Department of Agricultural Botany
D.E. Bayer

Department of Entomology
A.A. Grigarick
R.K. Washino

Department of Plant Pathology
R.K. Webster
R.A. Krause

Department of Water Science and Engineering
D.W. Henderson

Department of Agricultural Engineering
N.B. Akesson
J.R. Goss
S.M. henderson
R.H. Burkhardt
J.R. Dobie
H.B. Schultz
W.J. Chancellor
R.A. Kepner

Department of Animal Science
W.N. Garrett

Department of Soils and Plant Nutrition
C.C. Delwiche
T. Nakashima

Agricultural Extension Service
K.R. Farrell
J.F. Williams
D.H. Hall
M.D. Miller
R. Rauschkolb
P.S. Parsons
G.E. Miller
W.E. Wildman
C.M. Wick
D.M. Brandon
R.S. Baskett
R.G. Curley
C.C. Conley
B.B. Fischer

United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service
J.N. Rutger (as of June 1970)
M. Davis (as of June 1970)

Economic Research Service
W.R. Grant
S.S. Johnson

Western Regional Research Laboratory
D.F. Houston
G.O. Kohler
H.G. Walker

Chevron Research Service

R.L. Ferm


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