Agricultural Extension Work-72



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Project Leader and Principal UC Investigators

M.D. Miller, James Quick, K.H. Ingebretsen, Agricultural Extension Service Improved Rice Production Systems

L.A. Post

P.S. Parsons

D.M. Brandon

R.L. Sailsbery

R.T. Peterson

J.F. Williams

C.M. Wick

R.S. Baskett

G.J. St. Andre

B.B. Fisher


The Coordinated Rice Research Program involves numerous extension specialists and farm advisors, working both independently and cooperatively in field research of UC departments, the USDA, and the Rice Experiment Station at Biggs.


Rice growers' income should increase by more than one million dollars annually as a result of research to improve the growth of crops rotated with rice. For details on this accomplishment by an Extension Soils Specialist and local rice farm advisors, see the section headed "Rotation Solved".

Tests show oilseed sunflowers to be well adapted for use on riceland soils.


Agricultural Extension has the important responsibility of local testing of potential rice varieties developed in coordinated breeding projects at the Rice Research Station and Davis. Such tests have been made at 8 locations in the last three years; Butte, Glenn, Yolo, Sutter, Sacramento, UCD, San Joaquin Co., and the West Side Field Station near Fresno. The varieties tested numbered 21 in 1970, 27 in 1971, and 77 in 1972. Information from those tests was the basis for release of the new improved varieties CS-M3 and CS-S4. Detailed results on this project are in reports of the Rice Experiment Station plant breeders.


Work of local rice farm advisors and state extension specialists is found in reports on weed control, rice fertilization, and residue management.

The Agricultural Extension Soils Laboratory at UC Davis has played a key role in research on chemical analysis of soil, water, and plant tissue. In 1971 that lab processed 875 samples of soil and rice plant material, requiring 3,195 separate chemical determinations. A color documentary on the rice research program was filmed by the Agricultural Extension Visual Aids Group. In the wet-harvest emergency of 1972, Extension provided equipment and personnel for harvest of field experiments at the Rice Experiment Station and of field research plots on weed control, rice residue, and rice fertility. (RM2)


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