Chairman's Report - 72



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Rice Research Board Chairman

Glen R. Harris


Giant strides in solving problems of our industry . . . that summarizes the first three full years of results in your Comprehensive Rice Research Program.
  • Higher-yielding varieties are already being released; others in prospect will outyield old-line varieties by 30% or more.
  • Harvest problems in 1972 emphasize the value of high-yielding lines that are even earlier than Colusa.
  • New technology is already developed to help you meet tighter state and federal standards for air and water quality.
  • Already, a million dollars has been added annually to rice farm income by research answers to problems of poor yields of crops following rice. That is the conservative estimate.
  • Many other profit-making developments are contained in this report.
  • Numerous basic findings hold potential for great changes in the future.

Your Rice Research Board transmits this summary to you with satisfaction that findings of the research program to date have already yielded a bountiful dollar harvest for the rice farmer and will continue to reward the industry throughout the years to come. Our satisfaction is increased by knowledge that our research dollars have even inspired extra dividends: Our carefully coordinated research program has led other agencies, including industry, to coordinate research, avoiding duplication, conserving funds, and speeding accomplishment; and general facilities devoted to rice research have been stimulated to expand.

These summarized results of the Comprehensive Rice Research Program will bring to your attention various points you will want more information on. To guide you to the right source among team members in this research effort, get in touch with your local rice farm advisor at your local Agricultural Extension office; or your local Rice Research Board representative; or manager Mel Androus at Yuba City, telephone (916) 673-8223.


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