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Project Leader and Principal UC Investigators

Howard G. Schutz, Product Development and Consumer Preference

Joseph Damrell


Greater domestic consumption of California rice is the basic aim of consumer studies.

To develop a questionnaire that would throw light on the over-all marketing problem, 30 housewives from varied socio-economic backgrounds in the Sacramento area were asked to name rice dishes and substitutes and their concept of their uses and disadvantages and advantages. From the results was constructed a questionnaire that was administered to 200 California housewives of various backgrounds.

The questionnaire was designed to determine how consumers feel about rice in general, and how they rate it in comparison with various substitutes, specifically for various dishes and uses and occasions. The information should be of value in guiding decisions that depend on who eats rice and why, and what groups in the population are likely to respond favorably to new rice products or to advertising that features rice.

A panel of 100 Sacramento housewives was surveyed to determine the relative importance to them of the flavor, texture, and appearance of various cooked rices. This information should be helpful in selecting genetic strains, processing conditions, and preparation instructions that will improve consumer acceptance.

Studies were conducted in 1972 to develop descriptions of rice products that would appeal to consumers if used in promotion or made available through product development. Another study evaluated the importance of preparation instructions to the acceptability of medium-grain and long-grain rice. These studies are continuing so as to develop more specific guides on consumer preferences. (E1)


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