Rice Drying - 80



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Project Leader and Principal UC Investigators

R. Paul Singh, Dept. of Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis



To increase the energy efficiency of rice dryers; to determine the optimum time in terms o f moisture content o f rice when it is most economical to transfer rice from a column dryer to a deep-bed dryer; to develop computer-aided simulations of rice drying for evaluating the dryer performance in terms of energy efficiency, rice quality, and increased capacity.

Research data on energy-use performance of commercial-scale rice driers has been obtained. Both the columnar (cross flow) drier and bin-type static bed drier have been monitored in the field. Computer-aided simulation models have been developed to predict drying performance of these dryers. The models will be useful for modifying existing commercial driers to increase their energy-use efficiency and for developing innovative energy-saving rice driers. Application of findings to some commercial driers likely will take place this year.


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