Computer Management of
California Rice-94



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Project Leader and Principal UC Investigators

Richard E. Plant, professor, Dept. of Agronomy and Range Science, UC Davis

James E. Hill, extension agronomist, Dept. of Agronomy and Range Science, UC Davis

Joyce F. Strand, manager, IPM Implementation Group, UC Davis

Computer.jpg (82177 bytes)The University of California released CALEX/Rice, a new computer software program developed for rice growers and pest control advisers, in February 1994. As of early January 1995 about 125 copies of the program had been sold.

This "expert system" was designed in collaboration with a working group of growers and scientists to provide assistance with recordkeeping and to provide management guidelines. Modules for CALEX/Rice include variety selection, fertilization, water use, harvest date estimation, phenological stages, and pest management. The program was awarded the American Society of Agronomy 1994 Certificate of Excellence for educational software.

Although development has been completed, scientists will continue to refine the program, to evaluate its effectiveness and to make changes in response to suggestions from growers, PCAs and other users. One area of improvement undertaken in 1994 was the user interface. Commercial software has now improved the appearance and functionality of the guideline display screens, making them more spreadsheetlike in appearance. Updates will be provided automatically to those who have already purchased the program.

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