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Tribute to Carl Johnson  
Rice Breeding Program Full Report Link 0.36 MB
Variety Adaptation and Cultural Practice Research Full Report Link 0.37 MB
Application of Molecular Marker-Assisted Selection to Rice Improvement Full Report Link 0.39 MB
Improving N use efficiency & quantifying changes in N dynamics in rice systems with varying early season water management practices Full Report Link 0.18 MB
Weed Control in Rice Full Report Text 0.29 MB ---  Report Tables 0.15 MB
Assessing Alternative Methods for Managing Algae in Rice Full Report Link 0.23 MB
Rice Protection from Invertebrate Pests Full Report Link 0.34 MB
Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Fermentation of Broken Rice Kernels Full Report Link 0.05 MB
Environmental Fate of Rice Pesticides Full Report Link 0.58 MB
Crop Management & Environmental Effects on Rice Milling Quality and Yield Full Report Link 0.06 MB
Development of Standard Rice Sample Preparation Procedures Full Report Link 0.24 MB
Rice Utilization and Product Development, Quick Cooking Brown Rice Full Report Link 0.26 MB
Dairy Feeding of Rice Straw Full Report Link 1.07 MB
Bacterial Conversion of Rice Waste and Beer Bottoms Waste to PLA Plastic Full Report Link 0.0 MB
Salt Tolerance and Yield Enhancement in Rice Plants via Fungal Symbiosis Full Report Link 0.38 MB